I am a London based artist graduated with a Fine Art degree from Chelsea College of Arts in 2008.

I work across disciplines but primarily in drawing, painting and photography. I am interested in the interplay between 2D and 3D and the shift between fragmentation and integration. The main source of my work comes from familiar everyday surroundings and my latest series of drawing is inspired by my daughter’s bedtime stories.

‘Put Me in Your Stories’ is a series of 28 hand drawn illustrations, each drawing is a fragment of a story and each holds memories of precious family time together, a reminder to live in the present and not go through life mindlessly.

I am also very interested in data because of my Chartered Accountancy background. The work on gender statistics allowed me to connect with my interest in working on complex challenges, the multi-faceted nature of big data provided stimulus and sparked new creative thinking and ideas.

Whilst each piece of work deals with a distinct subject, the major thread running through the work is to create a space that allows viewers to contemplate and orientate based on their own experiences and responses.

The drawings and paintings are printed on photographic paper and they are limited editions.