I am a London based artist graduated with a Fine Art degree from Chelsea College of Arts in 2008.

The main source of my inspiration comes from everyday surroundings and I am particularly drawn to the ephemeral nature of the everyday, e.g. shadows made by the early morning sun or shapes of London planetrees in winter. The recent work on gender statistics has evolved my inspiration to include ‘big data analytics’ as a basis for new work. This is an exciting venture because it allows me to connect with my interest in working on complex challenges, the multi-faceted nature of big data provides stimulus and sparks new creative thinking and ideas.

Each painting evolves through a series of complex processes, starting with acrylic painting on paper followed by a transformation process into 3D objects and then back again into 2D using photography and painting on iPad. This labyrinth-like practice is akin to a chemical lab set up where procedures are set up to allow for something else to occur. The final work is guided by intuition and spontaneity, responding to the marks and material of the piece of work taking shape before me.

Whilst each piece of work deals with a distinct subject, the major thread running through the work is to create a space that allows viewers to contemplate and orientate based on their own experiences and responses.

The paintings are printed on photographic paper and they are limited editions.