I am a London based artist and my main source of inspiration comes from familiar everyday surroundings and family activities. In 2018, I created a series of hand-drawn illustrations inspired by my daughter’s bedtime stories and the work has made a profound shift in my art. I discovered the joy of mindfulness practice in art and a focus on the present moment, taking time to notice and not rush through life. Since then, my creative and mindfulness practice proceed hand in hand.

As a mother, I enjoy working with families and children and I work freelance as an artist educator. I enjoy running family art workshops to encourage co-creative processes to enhance a sense of connection between family members and to promote well-being. I also run educational art projects with children at schools.

When the first lockdown happened in spring 2020, I started running Zoom Art workshops for small groups of children. I felt it was important for children to continue having a creative outlet and it was a great way for children and families to be creative and spend time together in their own homes. As a mother, I enjoy seeing the smile on my daughter’s face when we run workshops together.